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Roller Shutter Garage Doors

Whats Included?

  • Roller Shutter Garage Door

  • 2 Remote Controls

  • Impulse Control Panel

  • Fully Enclosed Top Box

  • Internal Override System

  • Fully Guaranteed

  • Expert Measuring & Fitting

  • Delivery

  • VAT

  • Instructions, Conformities & CE Labels


Features - Hover over each feature for more information



Here at Garage Door Services, we specialise in manufacturing and installing the highest quality Roller Garage Doors throughout the UK.

Our Roller Doors are made to measure, making them perfect for all garages no matter of their size. They are perfect for smaller garages with limited head room as they allow you to make full use of your driveway and maximise your head room. Whereas larger garages benefit from the durability and strength that our doors offer.


When you choose Garage Door Services, you can be certain that you will receive the highest quality range of doors available combined with a reliable service. As well as an in-house quality control team that checks all of our manufactured doors before they are dispatched, we also have our own fleet to undertake deliveries. Our prices are fully inclusive of measuring, fitting and VAT.


Should your Garage Door be the only access point for your garage, Garage Door Services also installs a discreet external override that allows you to enter your garage. An essential extra that is handy during times of emergency. 

As a leading supplier of Roller Garage Doors the back box, fascia panel, two remote controls and the manual override all come as standard. You are also able to add extras onto your order which are featured below; if you don’t see what you are looking for then please give us a call.



When it comes to security, our Roller Garage Doors ensure that the contents of your garage are protected, they provide superior protection in an attractive design. This is thanks to several specialist features that you won’t find on other roller garage doors.


All the slats that create the main sectional curtain of the garage are manufactured from aluminium, which is extremely strong, whilst remaining lightweight. With the bottom slat also being held in place using high strength end locks that help to stop it from being forced out of place.


The patented auto-locking system comprises of a 70mm & 89mm octagonal barrel that attaches to the top lath. This octagonal barrel offers more protection and stops our roller doors from deflecting, also being forced open.



Our Roller Garage Doors are electric, which means that they can be operated with the push of a button from inside your car.

For security, the remote control cannot be cloned, meaning you, your car and your property are all secure.


These remote controls feature a ‘Hold to Run’, sometimes known as a ‘dead man switch’, which means the system will automatically cease the moment you stop pressing the up or down button on the remote. We also have the option to add an automated stop to your garage, which means it automatically stops if it hits an obstacle using 21st century technology.


As standard, our doors come with 2 wireless remote controls (additional are available on request), a wired push button which fixes to your garage wall and an emergency hand cranks system which allows the door to operate without power.


To ensure that our Electric Roller Garages run smoothly throughout their lives we only use the highest quality components, which includes a German made NRG motor and a Worldwide motor Somfy.



If you are looking for an insulated Roller Garage Door, then you came to the right place. Our range of doors helps TO minimise heat loss to help keep your garage warm, which is important if your garage is attached to your home.

All our Garage Door slats are insulated using CFC free foam, which not only increases thermal efficiency but also helps insulate against sound. The bottom slat is also fitted with a 25mm rubber seal that helps prevent any drafts and water entering your garage depending on the status of your floor.

To further protect your garage from drafts our side guides are fitted with a patented triple brush draught system, which also make our doors quieter when opening.

An adhesive brush strip across the hood inside also minimises scratches from outside grit, also closing in on any cold spots around your new Roller Garage Door(s).



To ensure that all Garage Door Services products keep their good looks for as long as possible, their slats are coated with an anti-corrosive, abrasion resistant paint. Being low maintenance, our doors are also extremely easy to clean, all they will require is a wipe down from time to time. If you do mistakenly knock or scratch your new Roller Garage Door in the future, touch up abrasive powder coating can be adhered without changing the full curtain, keeping costs low.

The 'InsuRoll' collection of Roller Garage Doors come in 25 different Roller Shutter colours, with several realistic textured wood-grain effects also available. These colours include: Black, White, Red, Golden Oak, Rosewood, Green, Silver and Anthracite.


We know that garages come in all shapes and sizes, which is why our Roller Garage Doors are made to measure and available in two different slat sizes that accommodate different garages. These variations are our 55mm and our 77mm slat sizes.


For smaller garages that only have a minimal amount of headroom at the top, our 55mm slats are for you.

For larger garages that require a heightened amount of security, rigidity and thermal efficiency we have our 77mm slats.

We recommend that 55mm slats are only used for single garage doors up to 2.6m wide; whereas the 77mm slats can be used on any sized garage.

Where Will My Door Fit?

Internal Face Fix


Where there is sufficient side and headroom, the guide rail and roller assembly would be installed directly to the inside of the garage opening. Recommended for most applications.

Reveal Fix


Installed in between the opening, good where there is limited side or headroom inside the garage. This will reduce the drive through height noticeably.

External Face Fix


Fitted to the external face of the garage, useful where there is not enough space to install on the inside face, but where maximum drive through space is required.

Options & Accessories

Vision Slats

Vision slats allow natural light into your garage. Available with or without glazing. On textured woodgrain doors vision slats will be supplied in a brown finish (Classic model only).

External Manual Override

All our 'InsuRoll' doors are provided with a manual hand winding mechanism in the event of a power failure. However if the garage door is the only means of access, then an external manual override with a key lock is installed outside of the garage for access all the while.

Battery Backup System

All our doors come with a manual override as standard so that you can operate the door without power, but in addition, you can choose the option of a battery operated backup as well. This enables you to operate the door with the remote controls - even when the power is off.


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